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My Skype ID?

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Posted 21 November 2016 - 01:41 AM

By an Anonyme askers
I'm having trouble finding my own skype id online. Is it the one that's in the title bar (Skype™ - my username)? Or is it my "Skype name"?
I've checked online for BOTH, and my username isn't found, and my Skype name (I'm assuming this is someone's id) can't be found either.
I think the problem is that, even though I see multiple users with same Skype name, if I click on each one, I don't see my username under any of those. Thanks for your help. Don't want to give my skype id here for privacy thanks.
Update: i mean when i view profile (not " if I click on each one"). you probably knew that already
Our Answer
If you can't recover your Skype account follownig steps recommended by website, probably you made a typo error when you created your original account. It happens!
Just as an example, I'm receiving constantly emails to my account for someone with a very simlar name and just one character of difference and when rebooted it, someone answered that the address was given to him just as written by the other user.
He made a mistake creating his email and than started giving out MY address, believing it was his!
To find a Skype connection, you need the name used to register for Skype and the Skype ID; if you don't have any, you have no way to recover your original Skype accounr. As simple as that.
So, simply, create a new account. It's free! And next time take a good note of the name you are using, your Skype ID and password.

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