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My book

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Posted 25 July 2006 - 11:48 PM

ok most of you guys know about me writing book. I dont think survioviors is such a great name though. right now its nameless. also, ive written a TON more. hope you guys like it.

I’d like to thank a lot of zombie and monster influences, but mainly Capcom and Konami. Keep on. I’d like to thank two great schools, Kempsville Meadows and Larkspur. Also all my friends, Alex, Anthony, Sara, Dequon, Steven, my friends at Larkspur, and my family. And also TAF, you guys were friends, thx. This is who this book is dedicated to. Can’t forget my teachers, either. Thanks everyone.
Part I - The Begining Of The End

I ran hard. I took another glance behind my shoulder. The creatures were still following me. I fumbled out my Eagle, well I called it my Eagle, but it was actually a Custom Desert Eagle, one I made and have modified myself. It takes all sorts of ammo; almost anything can become a projectile for the gun. I turned the laser sighting on, took out a clip of blast ammo, (my custom) loaded it, and took a look forward. A wall. Hmmm, I thought, an advantage. I took one more glance backward. They were gaining. I felt my power back. I concentrated and forced my legs faster, and jumped.
I had the feeling again. I felt the gravity changing, and myself as light as the air itself. I started my run. The monsters had stopped, staring at me with amazement. They were still a bit human, and had the near impossible-to-find look of astonishment. Then they started towards me again, but were too late. My Eagle was loaded, and started firing twenty bullets of deadly shrapnel. It tore through them like a fist can go through a wet napkin. Hmm, no more similes... Well, they were shredded. I felt gravity coming back into motion, and flipped off the wall, landing with a thud on the wooden floor, and started racing out of the warehouse with the bag on my back, before the rest of the monsters could get me.
* * * * *

The warehouse I was just in was a weapon-development lab. It was loaded with boxes of experiments for killing the creatures, known as the Rascki. Some were small, and some were giant, but they were all deadly. And they all had one thing in common: Blood lust. Those bitten would start turning. Sooner or later, and this was sooner. I was one of the chosen, to protect the Earth when this happened. I would fight on and on, until there were no more. Fat chance, I'd be fighting these deformed, blood-sucking freaks for the rest of my life. Why, I ask God, and He replied to me with this: "It is your Destiny, to protect Mankind from the forces of Death..." I hate this story-like life. You'd think that only this would happen in a game, or a movie, maybe a book if the writer was crazy enough...

* * * * *

So yeah, that was basically it, I have to save whatever’s left of the Earth and its survivors. We don't really have a base; we mainly just run around and fly in our choppers. But lately, we've gone on foot, raiding towns for what little they have, and trying to find survivors. And answers... Why... I went from town to town, searching for people, and getting supplies. What people I found left were hardly a fighting force, and had little knowledge. Towns danced with smoke, littered with debris from the evacuating and the monsters. It was horrible. Would you like to hear the story? Fine, where do I start? The day when the death swooped in, destroying tons of lives, in a silent, devastating blow? Well life was at its best before that, so let us start there.

I woke up. And then sighed happily and gratefully. Today was the day, actually the last day, of 7th grade, and was out of- wait lemme play the music: Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum-dumm (A.K.A. the Darth Vader music they play on Star Wars when Darth Vader walks in). Well I was out of Mrs.Harrelson’s class. Hey did you see that scary movie, actually any of them? Mrs.Harrelson played all the monsters, mainly with just a little makeup. Thats why I hate horrors. Well, now that I'm done expressing myself, and joking on Mrs.Harrelson, I'm going to put some clothes on. I got outta bed, slipped a flames T-shirt and some baggy jeans on, and opened my door, and saw the stairs. "Okay just like you practiced..." I took a few steps back, and let myself go. I ran forward, jumped, and started running on the wall. I took a look down, and saw the stairs leading into the carpet. And looked back, and saw the wall. I hit the part of the ceiling where it starts slanting, and fell maybe 10 feet. My mind went blank for a few seconds... “Woooooooo!!! Let’s do that again!!! After school..." I did a kick-up, like you see in movies, where they do like a half roll back, and then kick and get up.
I walked over to the counter, where there was a note, saying not to eat donuts, and that my mom had to go to work, and not to eat donuts, and she loved me, and not to eat donuts. In fact, that was the message. Well, who cared? I walked over, and pulled out a donut. It was a chocolate glazed with... I took a bite. It was peanut-vanilla custard. This was a great day. Nothing would spoil it. I had the trick almost done. I was a free-running pro, and this was a much harder wall-run. I took another bite out of the donut, and then I heard something. A moan. I looked out the window. "No! What?!" It was a zombie... Wait, zombies weren’t real, so this must be some stupid show. I opened the door, and shouted "Hey! Come on out now!" They didn’t. And out of no where, a sea of zombies came, and everything disappeared. They came at me. “Waaait!!! I didn't get my CD back from my friend!!" They didn't stop. They didn't care, cuz they all had my CD. It’s not fair; I'm addicted to Breaking Benjamin...

I woke up, but this time soaked in cold sweat. “Not another dream..." I said aloud. I've been having dreams, not knowing that they were leading me to what was going to happen next... I jumped out of bed, opened up my dresser, and pulled out a flames shirt, and some jeans. "Hmmm, I've been here before... Wait! This is my room!" I said and laughed to myself. I opened up my door, and this time just walked downed the stairs, until I reached the bottom, and did a front flip. I'm flexible like that and a free-runner for real. I then walked to the kitchen and looked around. No plate of donuts, no letters. “Yeah!" I shouted. Then I opened up the fridge. I groaned, because there was a plate of delicious donuts, but a letter. I wasn't even going to read it. "Well... Guess I should make some donuts, and some of my special eggnog to go with it." I invented stuff, and I got lots of money, but I mostly bought games and stuff. I looked at my watch. 7:11. Hey 7-11! That place rocks!! One time... Well, I don't think we should get into my life stories, but I like that place. Well, I had enough time to make some donuts, and then about an hour later, I had finished making them and the eggnog, ate and drank it, and then was done. Then I realized I had to go! "Aw come on!!!" I muttered as I burst out the front door, and then turned back to lock the door. Then started racing again to the entrance of the neighborhood. I saw the bus, and it was stopped, with the door open. We got to go in the back, because the front entrance was broken. I ran over, and saw my best friends stalling. "God bless 'em." I said to myself.
I was just about there, and then, saw my friends going to the back of the bus. The door was about to close, when I ran and then dived into the bus, rolling into a standing position.

The automated door closed, and I sprang over to my friends' seats. "Whew! Thanks guys!" My two best friends every, Alex and Anthony. "No problem, dude." Alex said. He was short, but most athletic. We all were free-runners, so we had to be fit, but he as the fastest, strongest, flexibility- well, you get the idea. "Yeah man, you’re our bud." Anthony said. He was the smartest, and knew how to do all sorts of things. But he had purposely failed the smart class, the pre-algebra one. "Hey, I don't know why I'm remembering this, but do you remember the day when I found that fifty dollar bill, and we spent it all on delicious stuff in the world?" I asked? I was walking to school one day, no reason, and then I saw something green on the cracked sidewalk. I ran over, and picked it up. A bill, but not just any bill. Our friend Benjamin Franklin was on the bill. We bought at least forty honey buns, thirteen packs of donuts, and so on. Life is good. We were the best of friends, inseparable, almost. We were brothers. That was how far our friendship went. Time went by quick, because I could see the outline of the school in the light fog. We were traveling through the Appsbriah neighborhood (Don't ask, I don't know where they get stupid names for schools) "Almost to the first hour of the greatest days of our lives." Alex said. I didn't need to add my agreement, because we all knew it. I looked towards the front of the bus, and saw something move on the road. A dude. Looked like the zombie in my dream. Slowly, I figured out who it was. I looked toward the bus driver, but he had a CD player on. "Figures...." I jumped from my seat and started racing down the aisle. This one r****d who doesn’t like me for some reason tried to trip me. I fell, but punched him in the face, and did a dive, helping me get closer faster. We were about to crash when I felt a burst of speed and turned the wheel. The bus went skidding across the gravel. "Whoa!!!" I said "Awesome!" I was casual like that. "Man that was nice!!! Lets do it again!" I heard Alex shouting form the back. The bus was starting to tip over from the brake. "Every one get to the left side of the bus!!!!" I shouted. People started scrambling over to the other side. I stayed still. The bus fell back with a thud. Everyone started cheering. I didn't care though, because I knew I saw something. But I didn't know what had happened...

We got off the bus about five minutes later. The bus driver said I was going to be awarded before school ended. "That was nice, Julius!!!" I heard Alex say. "Yeah well, I wanted to live to see the day of sixth grade. And go on the field trip." I told them. "You’re going to be a hero! So what do we buy?" Anthony said. "How about some parts? Well some good ones?" I asked. "Yeah, I bet we could do that and have some left over to give to charity! Let’s give about fifty bucks to each, more if we have it." See, we were also righteous, and not consumed by greed like the rest of the world. "Alright!" We all agreed. "Let’s go in, before Mrs.Harrelson comes for us." We didn't need video games, cuz we were programmers and graphic makers and- well just basically game designers. We published a few games on the internet. And we are also working on a little project called an A-One. Plays, music, videos, games, sims, and you can go on an “internet” we made. We started walking into the door.
Our class was right at the first left, then a few feet. The school had been built about a few years ago. It had a porcelain floor, and a giant playground. The gym and lunch room were enormous!!! The classes were alright, a square of desks together, and they smelt pretty good. Like a permanent marker. Uhh, I don't know what a permanent maker smells like... I'm joking. The walls were those big bricks with white paint, and the ceiling was a plain ceiling. Everything was in good shape. We walked into the class room. "Alright, Mrs.Harrelson isn't here!" I said. "Let’s start making some stars and figures." We all had a ton of paper, and could make tons of things. What sold the most were the paper stars and these figures. The figures were like real figures, the paper dudes looking like real dudes, and the stars could be thrown and could almost fly, because we made 'em super aerodynamic. We charged thirty cents for each. And we sold a lot. Well, we made a few, then our teacher came in. "Alright," She said, "Were going to leave now. Bring everything you want, and let’s go." Mrs.Harrelson wasn't so bad. I had brought a backpack full of stuff. "C'mon guys." We were going in double Decker buses. We pretended to be getting our stuff ready when Mrs.Harrelson told us to close the door. "Yes!" I said. She started walking out towards the bus lot. The buses moved pretty quickly. Especially that one with three flat tires that almost got the kids kilt (Not ours). We had everything ready. "Alright, Anthony, go stand guard, Alex, follow." Anthony jogged over to the door, and kept watch. "Let’s rock." We started drawing an extremely detailed dude, my character, Valucard. (Note: This is also my name) After a few minutes, we had him done. "Alright, let’s go!!" We had also drawn a drawing of Mrs.Harrelson. Don't ask what it looked like, you would die laughing. We shut the door, and ran out to the lot. Looks like they had just started letting us go to the bus. "Run guys." We ran really fast, and soon we caught up with the class. Then Mrs.Harrelson turned around. Did she know?! "Uhh...” I said to myself. "Alex, Anthony, go onto the bus, Julius, could you get my clipboard?" Phew, what a relief. "Sure. I'll give my backpack over to Alex." I tossed it over to Alex and he caught it, and went up to the top half of the bus with Anthony. It was red, and even had a British looking driver. I started jogging over the school. It was nice on the inside, but looked really cool on the outside. I reached the doors and went in, and then stopped. Something was staring at me. It looked like... "No!" I whispered. It was the zombie from the street and my dream. It came towards. "WA-BANZAI"(I made that up, the wa- part. Banzai sounds cool) I shouted. I ran at top speed. We were almost at each other, about five feet away. I could smell the rotting flesh. It started to grab for me, when I drop-kicked it a few feet away. I got a lot of air, and was positioned in the air like a diagonal T with two legs together. "Smack dab!" I said, like on the commercial, as my feet collided with the creatures head. I jumped off it and did a pivoting roll. It went down with a thud. "Alright, now the end to beginning... Yeah... I say a lot of stupid stuff. don't I?" I took a few steps back, and started running up the wall. It went up about 10 feet, and I was at about five and a half. I stopped at six feet, back flipped, and smashed on to the zombies head. No blood got out, or on me. "Well, that was fun!" I went in, and started searching for the clipboard. "Hmmm," I was looking in her desk. "What’s this?" I pulled out a skateboard, a slinky (Slinky, Slinky..., and my whip. Then there was the clipboard. My whip was magical, and I'm not lying. It was enchanted, and was super-small, so no one could find it except for me. But it was disguised as a gum pack, (Well... Uhh, actually getting it was weird... and Mrs.Harrelson thought it was gum. So she took it. Well, then I stood up, and saw blood on the floor. "Aw, man." I turned around. The zombie was there, about half his head gone. Brains were coming out. "Hey, aren’t you supposed to like brains? Don't kill me, cuz I don't have any." Then it disappeared.... "Whoa..." I whispered, "It believed me!" I didn't want anymore encounters with... What, my mind? Stupid mind...
Well, I ran out of there, and heard some zombie sounds. I stopped and looked behind me. Now, if your 12, and can stare at a half a ton of zombies like I did without having any reaction at all like I did, then your about as brave as me. But then, instinct told me to run, and I didn't want to get left behind, especially with a gazillion (and one with its head missing... zombies in your school, so I took a few slow steps back, and then turned and sprinted as hard as I could. But I think the zombies just stood there. Okay, I think I was just getting paranoid,- wait paranoid? I just busted a zombies head open, the same one that I had a dream about and one we almost crashed into, and I think I'm paranoid... Good enough for me. I burst through the double doors, and then there were only a few buses left, including mine. I just kept running. Then I finally got to the bus. Then I got on it. Mrs.Harrelson was there. "What took so long?" She asked. Then I got a half sheepish-serious expression and said "I had an encounter with my mind." Well, that made some people laugh, and I couldn't help the half-smile coming on to my face, so there Mrs.Harrelson goes about cracking jokes. I can't help it, I was a born comedian. But that wasn't so funny. I got a ton of other jokes. Then I heard Mrs.Harrelson tell me to go sit down. I started over to the back of the bus, and then figured out that there was a ladder. It was weird, but cool. I was still a little freaked out from the entire zombie stuff- wait... What is a zombie? Blood, flesh, and maybe just a bit-human cannibal created and demented by evil? And driven by hunger… Whatever it is, it was an unholy creature, created for death and destruction. "And that has been the "Wise Word" from Julius." I thought as I pulled myself on to the second floor. It was pretty cool, unlike the bottom. It had those diner-style tables and seats, where there’s a whole cushioned seat and the tables. I saw Alex and Anthony waiting at a table near the back. Nothing happened, I just walked back. When I got there, Alex threw my backpack to me. "Hey guys, something weird has been happening..." I said. "Huh?" Anthony huh'd. "My whip has changed from Bubble-Yum to Bubble Tape..." I said, "And I think I saw and/or killed a zombie or zombies." And both were true. "Ahh ha-ha, I TOLD you not to eat doughnuts while playing a horror game series!!!" Alex laughed. "Never do that, unless you wish to face extreme... Extreme... Well, I don't know the word, but you know it." Then somebody started singing. Then I made sure nobody could see me, and then did a fake death act. "Nooo!!! I'm dying!!" I pretended coughing and choking. Then I fell to the floor. Alex and Anthony laughed a little, but I was losing my touch. I got back up. "I'm losing my touch, aren’t I." I asked. "A-yup." They said. "So... Let’s start. Pass me my backpack." Then somebody went down the ladder. "You are the weakest link. Good-bye." I said. That was something I was famous for, cuz I usually get stuck in to watching GSN, or something, and I saw that. Then people started laughing. Yes, I made stupid stuff. But its funny. I pulled my backpack out, and dumped the contents out: Doughnuts, eggnogs, DS and PSPs, a laptop, video games, music cds, movies, a DVD player, more games, and that was about. "Attack!!!" I said as we started going for the stuff. I picked up a DS with Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow in it. Castlevania is the greatest series ever created, no lie. 3-D games, 2-D games, but the best ever starred Alucard, Dracula’s son- Actually I shouldn't get in to that stuff... Dawn of Sorrow started loading up, and I chose my file where you played as Julius Belmont, and you could get Alucard and Yoko, and you could switch characters, just like in Castlevania 2, I think. And then we played. And also, its a little weird that are names are the same. My mom said she gave me that name from a distant string of relitives. So then about two hours later, we were almost at our dying point, full of doughnuts, eggnog, and pointless video games (just kidding) when Mrs.Harrelson got on the intercom thing and said we were here. I had a paper bag halfway on my head. "I'm dying, nooo!!! Help!!" I started falling out my seat. I hit the floor and that got me out of the half daze. I stood up and hit my head. Now I was awake clearly. Alex was upside down on the seat, and Anthony was on the table, asleep. "Laugh out loud guys, if you don't get up, I'm going to take a picture." They both got up and the hit the floor to. This was hilarious. "C'mon guys, get the money. Wait, nevermind, I got it." We were at the beach, but security was tight. Actually there were a ton of lifeguards and teachers. We had to wait on the boardwalk about half an hour before we could go swimming. I slid down the ladder. It was long enough, so sliding down was pretty cool. Alex just jumped, and Anthony grabbed the top part and fell. We were cool. "Alright let’s hurry." I went up to the bus driver. "Here, man." I gave him fifteen bucks. "Thanks kid. Here." He gave me a ring. "Alright, were going to go Julius, meet up with us." Then Alex and Anthony walked off the bus. Well, the ring looked really cool; it had a cross with a line going through diagonal parts. "Nah, it’s alright, I like this bus, and you can keep the money for free." But he wouldn't take it back. "Well, alright, bye then." I walked off the bus, and started to run, when I heard the bus driver shout. "Good luck!" It was weird, but it didn't matter, I thought. I put the ring on. Then I felt warm. "Cool ring." I said. I started running again. Alex and Anthony were already on the boardwalk with the rest of the class. Mrs.Harrelson was doing a head count. "What took you so long, Julius?" She said. Here we go. "I tripped and my shoe fell off, and then a seagull took it. But then I jumped and caught the seagull. It wouldn't give me my shoe back, and we flew on a mountain. It ate a mushroom and then it became a super seagull. We had to fight. Just when I was about to lose, I kicked the seagull and it fell off. I got my shoe on, and then I was here." I told. "Do you really expect me to believe that?" She said with a serious expression. “What’s not to believe?" I asked. Everyone looked like they were about to burst out laughing. Mrs. Harrelson sighed. "It looks like everybody’s here. Forget waiting half an hour; just go swimming if you want." And at that, everyone ran. We went to the boardwalk, also, because... We did. "I'm hungry." I said, and Alex and Anthony agreed. "Hmm, buffet. That’s weird, its spelt B-U-F-F-E-T, but you say it "Buffay” Weird." And when I was done, we went in. And I got a terrified. “What? How could they do this?” I whispered, astonished, scared, and angry at once. “No!!!" It was horrible. "Anthony stepped forward. "All this... Work of evil was disgusting. We had to fight. "Do you think we need backup, sir?" Anthony asked. "No. Were the backup were going to get...
We went over to the counter, and rang the bell. A girl came up, maybe about fifteen years old. “Hello, were with the FEA,” I said like I was some serious officer, and pretend to hold out my I.D. “Were going to have to ask you to let us eat this food before it goes bad. Here, take this. That’s thirty bucks. Now, please three extra large cups and trays.” The girl looks like she was about to laugh. “Excuse me, but why is this food going to waste. If you don’t give a good answer, were going to have to arrest you.” I just noticed the radio was on. Aha started playing. “Yes! It’s Aha!” I started singing- ‘Take on me (Background singer) Take on me, Take me on (Background signers) Take on me I’ll be gone in a dayyyyy’ The girl started at me. “Yes, I’m done screwing off, sorry. Can we just get our trays?” The girl put the money in the cash register. Then she gave us our trays. Then silence. Nothing else to say. “Attack!!!” I yelled. We ran over to get all the food we could fit on the trays. When I had half my tray filled with macaroni and cheese, chicken, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers, I spotted an eggnog machine. I almost dropped the tray. “Eggnog!!!” I ran over to it and filled my cup up with eggnog. There was ice cream. I looked over to the girl suspiciously. “Ice cream and eggnog… Impossible.” I took the scooper and put a chunk of mint and vanilla ice cream in. Then I went to sit down, to see Alex and Anthony already there chowin’ down. Then I sat, and about ten minutes later, was finished. I didn’t gain one pound. Just fifteen ounces. “Whew... That is good.” The girl was probably cooking more food. I heard a pan drop and a scream. “Aw, come on!” I told them as I started running for the counter. Then I vaulted on to it and rolled below the wall part. I hit the ground and started running again, made a left, and found the girl there with a ripped up man. Her father. I think. “By the lord…” I am also holy and very religious so I don’t take the name of the Lord in vain except for very rare occasions. I didn’t know what to do. Except for one thing. “Aw man! Alex, Anthony find weapons. Girl, you have to come with me.” It didn’t seem right to just say girl, but there was nothing else to say. “It’s happened. Whatever it is.” For some reason, I knew what was happening, even without knowing anything. And I felt so calm, and it seemed like this was going to happen. “I can’t leave.” She said. “Yes, you have to. You must, unless you want to become one of those things.” She got up, with her back towards me. “I can’t,” She repeated. “Because I am one, or I will be.” And she turned. I gasped, but very lightly. She pulled up her sleeve. She had been bitten. “There is a gun and a clip of ammo that cabinet,” She pointed. “Leave.” And with that she fell. “I should say a prayer.” I whispered “The God in Heaven, let these poor souls rest in peace. Amen.” I was on one knee, crossed myself, and got up. We were in a storage room. I turned and pulled a pipe from the heating. “Hmm, a good weapon,” I thought “And will make for a quick death.” I went out and locked the door. “Quick, but horrible. Of course, becoming a zombie is horrible.” I said, and heard banging on the door. I turned behind. The ripped apart man was leaking entrails and banging on the door. ‘You are the weakest link. I am sorry, but good-bye. I turned again and opened up the cabinet. I looked for the gun, and figured out that it was up top, taped with a clip of ammo. I pulled them both off after a couple of trys. It was a gun I didn’t recognize. It was a cross of a Berretta, a colt, and a custon 1991. “Weird.” I checked the clip and the safety then went to find Alex and Anthony with a gun in my right hand, a steel pipe in my other, and zombies banging on the door. I got to the counter, and then jumped on to the counter and rolled over. Alex and Anthony just got out. “Julius! A gun? Wait- Where is that one girl?” Anthony looked kinda scared. “She turned. A zombie. Were dealing with some bad stuff I don't even know whats happened. But seeing as I've played Resident Evil so many times, this seems normal.” I said seriously. “What do we do now?” He asked. “We run as hard as we can to the bus. We tell them whats happened. We have the bodies to prove it. Let’s go.” They could tell how bad we were in. So they followed. I opened the door and we went out. We were on the dusty boardwalk again. This time, instead of being sunny, it was dark, with clouds eager to let their rain out. There was no one. “This is getting scary. We were in there for about twenty minutes, and then we come out five minutes after that zombie thing.(Dont include this in book, but make this a part where people are running around scremaing)” I said. There was no one, just umbrellas flying in the wind with towels, lifeguard towers toppled, and distant objects in the dark, threatening water. “We’d better go.” Alex said. There was a sand hill next to us, but it was too steep to climb. I squinted and looked in every direction, searching for any sign of movement, undead or alive. None. I started to run the direction of the bus. The boardwalk seemed to keep on going forever. I ran and ran, with the only human beings and friends within maybe a mile. I kept running what had happened in my head: Zombies, no friendly help, half-empty stomachs. I finally reached the end of the dune and the parking lot out of breath. Then I noticed the ring. And heard a crash. I looked behind me. A giant monster thing was sprinting out to meet us. “Uhh.” Was the only thing I could manage. It was still a couple hundred feet back. I quickly ran out to the parking lot- and nearly tripped on my feet. “You have got to be kidding me!” There was a parking lot full of zombies. I did a back dash, and turned to my friends. I saw the monster, just about hundred and fifty feet back. “Run to the lockers, as fast as you can, I’ll hold that thing off.” And thing I grabbed their collars and threw them. I think they were so scared, they just kept running. I pulled my gun and switched weapons. The pipe was in my left hand, gun in the right. And I ran. He was fifty feet away, getting so fast he was a blur and with me running at him, subtracted the meeting time to about twenty feet. And then I felt my very first power. Time slowed. The creature was about ten feet away, and before, was running really fast, but now looked way slower. “Nice!” I shouted, and jumped. And lifted my leg up and then jumped off the creatures head, surprised that I could even jump half his height. And then I just let go. I half flipped, and like Dante on Devil May Cry 2, I started shooting at him. I saw the bullets go even faster then the creature. But what were amazing were the spirals: In some shows, it goes so slow, you can see the stream of smoke and the bullet’s trail distorting it to a spiral. There right. I then realized that my clip was empty after a few trigger clicks. And all of a sudden I felt myself going back to normal. I was still half way upside down, so I flipped, and then hit the sandy wood. Hard. Of course, as a free runner, I know a lot of stuff to prevent injuries. I did a roll right when I hit the ground, so the impact wouldn’t hurt, and I could use its energy for a better purpose. I turned and saw the creature at its knees. It was panting. I still couldn’t tell what it was. But then the only logical explanation came to me: The girl’s father. Then... the girl… I turned, and then instinctively jumped up and back flipped. The girl had just run under me. I landed and turned. Here was one of those few occasions… “Jesus!” I yelled. The girl- well now that she was a zombie, the “thing” fell down, the momentum too much for her to stop. The other one, her “father” tried to stand up, but then when of the bullet wounds burst a ton of a blood out, and it fell down again. I grabbed the pipe- and stabbed it. Right through the head. It had only just turned, so it was making little human sounds, and seemed to be in great pain. “Sorry, man.” I pulled the pipe out and it screamed. I was on the verge of tears, for this is too much for anyone, to kill a zombie who sounds still like a human with a pipe. And then I blew it away. I was in a once-civilized human society, to be turned to a disgusting wasteland by some creature. And then I did spinning hit. Yeah, I can’t think up anything clever for that, or anything cool except for "The Spinning Steel Smash) I just spun around and crushed its’ head open with a pipe. Blood and pink bits of brains spread out everywhere, but that first kill, the very first zombie kilt by me, was to stain me forever. Then… It was just silence. I stood there for maybe ten minutes. I bet my friends were worried.
So I walked. I walked to the beginning the parking lot. And then I didn’t know if I should just walk or run. I took a peek. There were still zombies. “A-yup.” I pulled out the handgun and the clip of ammo. I took one last look behind me. Just the line of stores, empty, the body- but where was the girl? “The less, the better.” The waves dark waves splashed one more time before it started storming, and then the undead got hungry. I put the gun away, and grabbed the pipe with both hands, then ran as hard as I could. Then I started screaming, cuz the door was closed. “..Frigging door! Get it opened!!! The zombies are going to come!” They heard me, and they started moving stuff, but they weren’t quick enough. So I drop-kicked the door open and quickly back flipped before I hit the ground. It opened the smallest bit. They mostly have really locked that place down. I took one quick glance back. They were trying to run, and one actually did manage it. Until its whole leg just came off, with the bone still dislocated in its leg, the whole bone still in the zombie, it hit the ground, and with a disgusting noise, the bone went vertically into teh zombie. Guess that’s why zombies don’t run. Then I focused again. I ran sideways and did an aerial. Executed perfectly, I swiftly got in, the door cutting my nose. I landed on a table, then kicked the doors back and went to hold them that way. “Get some more barricades over here!” I yelled. And then some chars and tables were being pushed over. And then someone punched me. I hit the doors. I turned around, and realized that this was a locker room again. “What? Who did that?” I yelled, but it was obvious. I knew who, but then he didn’t even respond. “You can’t even say you did it, can you, Drew?” I asked. I hated that guy. “Who do you think you are, comin’ in here and ordering us around? The king?” He asked. Amazingly retarded, that guy. I gave the same thing we were all thinking: “Oh my God! You are a freaking r****d! Or are you just blind? Do you realize that I could have been killed, or that I just kilt a monster out there, or that I’m your best protection, or even if you didn’t care about my safety, you could at least ask me whats happened out there! But no! You punch me, and ask why I save our lives!” I yelled, and with that he tried to punch me, but I saw him this time, so I ducked and rolled to the side. “Yeah, the only thing you can do is hit a man when he’s down.” He tried again, and this time I caught his fist, twisted his arm, and kicked the back of his knee,(like where your knee is, then check the back of your leg)and then put his arm against his back. “Now,” I said slowly, making sure he understood, “I’m going to let you up. If you attack me again, well let’s not talk about it.” I let go, and he got up, humiliated. “Now, number one: I could have been killed,” And then I showed them my back, which had been splattered with blood,” Two: Well, actually one explains that. Three: I AM your best protection.” And then I pulled out my gun, kids started running for cover. Only Alex and Anthony stayed there. And Drew, who came sprinting at me. I took a side-step, tripped him and he went flying. Some people started coming out. “I’m not a threat. At least to you guys.” Some people looked puzzled. Including Alex and Anthony. “Watch.” I turned to a plan wall, no lockers. But then I figured out I didn’t know how I got the power. I looked at my ring. Then gasped. “A… G. It’s a letter G!” Then I looked over at my other hand, the left one. An A had appeared. “I get it.” I wanted the power, and it came to me. I felt less and less gravity, and a golden feeling. I ran towards the tan wall, and right when I was at it, I stepped on it, and then again, and again, till I was at the ceiling, and just kept running. I didn’t want the power anymore, but I was infused with it. I then figured out how to use and control my powers. I did something like pull a switch in my mind, and then normal motion came back. I fell off the wall. But before I flipped like I did when dodging the big zombie thing and shooting it, I saw a bunch of people in the next locker room, and a hole in the wall.
I quickly flipped and when I hit the ground, I had figured everything out: Where to go, what to do. Everyone was amazed. “Okay, everyone start making that hole bigger. I’m going to check something out.” I pointed to the hole. Everyone started to work on the hole, except for Drew. I think some people were still afraid of me. That’s not good. I started walking over to the door. I opened it, and pulled my gun out. And that’s when I first thought about things. I mean, about ten minutes ago, I thought about the zombies and stuff, but now I’m really thinking. How did this stuff happen? “But no time now...” I was in a room now, not very big, probably the boardwalk owner’s room. That’s weird. It looked kinda like a Resident Evil room, and I could almost here the music. I started rummaging through some papers. And then I knew something was going to happen, so I just turned around, and wasn’t very surprised to find that there was something behind me, but the way the dogs looked. Horrible, unlike any game. I immediately started aiming for their heads, and fired. Point blank, the dog went flying back. “Only one type of all the kingdoms may live in this world.” I said, and then moved my aim to the other incoming dog. It jumped, and was flying through the air. “And that’s the living kind,” I shot one bullet, through the eye, and some blood bursted out. “And so begins the rout…” I whispered as I heard the dog fall with a thud. It’s more degrading on your spirit then your body, fighting zombies. So, I started searching for things again, and found a button under the chair at the desk. The room, I noticed, had green paint slapped on it, with a couple cases, the desk, and some other useless things. And then the bookcase moved. “Its always the bookcase.” I chuckled. I loved that. Then I asked myself how they do that. "It could be a mechanic thing, some kinda wheels under it," I said to myself as I walked over to the hidden room. "Or maybe.." And then I saw a the room. What I call "The Armroy for Noobs at Zombie Fighting" The first real paridise. I saw black duffel bags, guns, a letter, more guns, ammo, tons more guns, and a sword with a aura of holiness. "Score!" I excalmied. I grabbed the sword. A bit heavy, but I could manage. And I felt a rush. "Magic," I said nodding, feeling supercharged, "Is rad, man!" I saw a belt with two handgun holsters, a sling, and a sheath, so I put it on, and sheathed my new sword. Then I got down to buisness. I picked up a few of the really big duffel bags, and started marking them with rips. One set for ammo with its gun, and one for explosives. And I mean that place was full! It'd make you think someones going to war! I picked out a magnum, a 9mm, Colt, Spas, Pacifier, and a few Uzis. Theres about ten kids in the locker room, and maybe seven or eight in the girls. So I say theres enough weapons and ammo to go 'round. Then I got myself a Uzi, a ammo belt, and a shotgun. And then found a set of big, silver, ivory-hilted Desert Eagles. And I'm talkin' big! I took them both, and started spinning them. "Its time to chew bubble gum, and kick undead @$$, and I'm all outta bubblegum." I Quoted Duke Nukem. And I walked out of there, back to the guys.
I could still hear them digging. I kicked aside one of those dogs, with a new found hope, and hatred. "Everyone!" I shouted. They stopped. "No more buble gum, so sorry, but I've found us some nice toys!" I dropped the bags. "Why are you giving us guns?" Someone asked. Others voiced their opinions. "Quiet!" I shouted. "You probably don't even know how to use those, do you." The same kid said, poiting at my guns. I heard a scratching, and saw the door open a little. They once again started babbaling at once. And with a flick of the wrist, I pulled out my orignal gun, unloaded the clip, and threw the gun with all my power at the zombie. Its head busted open. "Bullseye! Thats thirty-five points right there!" And it got back up. "You're screwed!" I said as I took out a Desert Eagle. The zombie was getting hostile. I spun the Eagle, stopped it, and pulled the trigger. Baang! The power of it was intense. I saw the grooves along the gun glow with blue, and then it fired the bullet. "Score: Humans - One, Freaks - Zero, and Drew - negitive-one." Drews face got all red. He started talking, but I interppted. "So, I know what your all wondering. What has happened? Why am I acting like this, with guns and a wicked as 'frik sword?" I saw some of them nod. "So I'll tell you how it hapened to me and my friends. Stupid Mrs.Harrelson got all mad at me, so I told her about the seagull," I saw some kids laugh. "And then Anthony, Alex, and me went down to this buffet place. About fifteen minutes later, the girl intterupts us with a scream. Her father somehow was bitten. The before-zombie I've ever scence. Well, she was bitten, so we couldn't take her with us. She gave us a gun, and we ran for our lives. We ran all the way down the boardwalk. When we reached the end, the girls father smashes the door open, and it comes running for us. I told my friends to go here, and I'd take care of the thing. So I took out the gun, shot the zombie, well first I got a power, used it, and jumped off the zombie into the air, and started shooting at it like Dante from Devil May Cry 2 does, and it died, then I kilt the girl, and then I'm here. Pretty fasicinating story, eh?" They were speechless. I'm also very charismatic. "So, I'll make a bigger hole, and we can get outta here!" I jumped up on the table, took out my sword, and started bangin' on the hole. It had gotten a little bigger, but I'd bust it open. I love it when the crowd goes speechless. So I stood there chipping away at the wall, and they just stood there. It got big, and then I heard someone. "Go away, monster!" And a rock hit me in the head. "Ow..." I owed. I busted the metal out, and then dived through. Two of my best freinds were there, Dequon, and Sara. "Finally." Dequon said. "Hey man!" I hadn't seen him in a while. "And Sara! What are you guys doing here?" All my friends were friends with my other friends, so everyone knew each other. "Hey smuggled himself onto the bus... And I was a lifeguard, I was about to go out there when I heard screaming and people running in. Dequon was trying to fight the things off, but he couldn't, and had to come in." She explained. "Yeah, I suck." He said. "Well at least you tried. But I managed to! I'll tell you guys later, we need to go." I saw a door, which probably lead to the roof. "C'mo guys, we need to get outta here!" I started for the door, but Dequon shouted. "No man! We've been hearing things behind it." I saw nods of frightened agreement. "Yeah, well lets pretend its Reident Evil with a twist." I told them, and turned. "Whats that?" Someone asked as I stopped at the door. I pulled out my Eagles. and said, "I... am invicinble." An kicked the door open. Now that was nice! I told myself. Pretty dramatic, but nice! Darkness greeted me. And the freakin' stench of death. Or is that just me. Yeah... Then I heard something. I closed my eyes, and then some kinda sense came up. "Nice!" I whispered. I saw something, kinda like one of those digger things from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. It still had clothes on, like a surfer dude. Its' flesh was cut and was still human looking, but still seemed decayed. And it started coming for me. I saw claws gow out, and it was racing for me on all fours. Like always, I stood there calm. It stopped, and I think it could tell it was about to die. "Ding ding ding! Whammy!" And I quickly pulled my Eagle up, it let out a screech, and I shot it. This time, the power was so intense I nearly fell from the kick it had. "Jeez! I think there getting stronger. Then I realized I had just kilt another creature. I crossed myself, and said "May your soul rest in Heaven." The sense went off. But I could manage. I looked around for a light switch. "People were still out there, and I could hear some of the guys climbing through the hole. Some of the girls sounded worried. Someone threw one of the bags of guns over. "Whats this?" Dequon's faint voice questioned. "We don't know, but I think Julius has gone crazy. He came out of this room with a sword and some guns, and these bags, which, fat chance, are guns too." Drew answered. "Lets do this Survivor-Island style, if this is how we do it. Who votes Drew off?" Anthony said. "Hmmm... Majoriy vote, get outta here, Drew." Alex told him. "What?!" He yelled out. I laughed. I started walking out, when I heard something. Sliding. I turned around, couldn't see anything, and dashed to the door. A second before I got there, a gate came down. "What?!" I said. "Guys! Come here." My friends raced over. "Somethings happened, I think its some security thing." Sure enough, a a;am went off. "Why would they have an alarm?" Sara asked. "I think I might know. Be right back." I said, and raced back into the darkness. I tried to get the sense back, but I was still learning, and I hadn't noticed, but I was starting to feel fatigue. Then I felt a railing to my left. "Stairs. I tried to feel the stairs, but I was off. I kept on, and then found the floor ascending. "Alright." I steped on the first stair, and I heard a cracking sound. "The celings caving in... Great." I said. A piece fell, hitting my head and bouncing off. "Ow, man!" I said rubbing my head, and started running. I saw a little light up ahead. Enough to see that there was a dead end. "c**p." I turned around, and the monster was there. Well, it was, untill a huge piece of celing fell on it. "Thanks, celing. Just don't let that happen to me." There was a door overhead. If I could jump high enough and ricohect my self up the wall a few feet, I could probably make it. And I tried it. I tried to erase the faitgue I was begining to feel, and it worked for a bit. Long enough to get through the door. I jumped, wall-jumped, and then reached the railing. "Yes!" I just barely made it, one hand despertly holding on to the concrete floor above. I tried to climb onto the metal raling, but couldn't reach up. And I readied myself. I grabbed the floor with my other hand, and said, "Powers, please come help me here!" I felt a rock graze my hair. "Ahh!" I pulled as hard as I could, trying to find magic. And I did. I went flying up, grabing the raling five feet up and doing a handspring off it. Quickly enough to miss the rock about to hit me. A huge piece just knocked off the railing I was just on. "That could have been bad..." And then I tried to open the door. Locked. I took a few steps, back, and did a running 360 kick. It broke off its hinges and went flying. I ran outside. It was getting darker. "You just gotta love the irony. The day I look forward the most turns into the day I hate the most. Chock full of zombies, darkness, and other freaky things. But I finally get to use a sword and really use guns. And I got powers. Cool. Well it was getting darker, and I was on the roof. I walked over to the edge. It didn't seem so far up. The sea was foaming on the shore, the tide getting higher. "Yeah... Guess I should get down." I didn't figure out how I was gong to get down. First thought was to jump, but I might be getting a little cocky. I looked around. Just a little vent coming out, that was it. "Aha!" A vent I could jump down it. I started, but then thought. "Wait, that steam could be bad. Yeah, steam is bad. Besides, who knows where it could go." I turned back, and then stepped on something. "Huh." I moved my foot, and picked up a necklace. "Nice!" It was a cross. "Pretty weird, getting holy things. I mean I'm a lot more holy than the next guy, but this is a little weird." I put it on. The steel chain was cold, and the cross wasn't much better. Then I felt amazingly clear. Not that I was transparent (which would be cool!) but I was thinking clearly. Stuff like that. "I know whats happening. This is some cheesy item c**p thats going to be used later in my life. Oh well, at least I have it right now. Cool." Now that I had that, I could figure out a way to get off the building. Not that I couldn't have without the cross, it made it a bit easier though. I had arleady looked around. I walked over to the edge. Again. I got prone, and started examing the wall. I had an idea, which, if it went wrong, I would probably be seriously injuried. Oh well. I took out my sword, and turned around. "One for the money... If I make it out of this year alive..." I jumped back, and started falling. It actually was higher then it lookek. "Two for the show, 'cuz those zombies will never get a better show in their life..." And I jammed my sword into the wall. It made a huge sound. I can't even describe it. It was kinda like a screech, but louder, and scarier. I took a quick look down. I was five feet up. I put one foot to the wall, pulled my sword, and pushed. It came out easier then I expected, and I went flying down. I flipped back, and just barely made the landing. I heard a moan, and knew what it was. I took a step and started knocking. Then I turned around, pulled out a shotgun, and shouted, "Hey! I'm out here, about to decimate some uh.. Rascki! Thats it, yeah Rascki!" And with that, I shot the Pacifier. And it gave a frekain' lot of kick! I nearly fell into another zombie! But I was quick, and lunged at it with my sword, let go of it, tossed my gun up, spin-kicked it, and then grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and slammed the zombie in the head, and THEN quickly took my sword out. "Super combo!" I shouted, as blood started leaking from its' chest, and its' head started falling apart as if fell. "Extra 400 points!" But I had to kill other things then narrate my own super combos. A unusally ugly zombie came up to me. "Die, Mrs.Harrelson! But seriously, rest in peace." I was not a man of hate and sin. Put my sword in its' sheath and shot the Pacifier again. It gave a little less recoil, but probably 'cuz I had two hands on it. "Wait! Stupid me, this is a Jackhammer!" The Mrs.Harrelson zombie was blown away, and it just started falling apart in big chunks. Some of the other zombies got the spreadshot, as the Jackhammer didn't have a very big choke, and a few died. OR were destroyed. I checked the Jackhammer's ammo. "Twenty-two shells left." Well, I waated some melee, so I put that away onto my- Wait I don't think I told you where I put my weapons, did I? Well, I slinged my shotgun, stuck my Eagles in the holster, put the Uzi on the belt, and the original handgun in the back of my jeans like cops do. So, yeah, I slinged my shotgun, and unsheated my sword. "Now that wasn't very long." Someone said. I was so scared by the voice that I almost let the zombie come to close I got back into focus again and quickly slashed at it. And with a thud, it fell. I looked around the parking lot. Cold and barren. "Now, to get back to the talking voice matter like a man... Who said that? Please don't hurt me!" I said. I heard a laugh coming from my... Sword! "Woah! A talking sword! Niccccceee!" I said, "But I need to use you real quick..." And I did a back-stab, catching a zombie in the torso. "Your a pretty sharp kid." The... Sword said, sounding pleased. "Well talk about this later, we need to find a safe refuge." I turned around and kicked at the door. Barricaded, but not very good. This time I wanted to scare them. "Ahhhh!!! I'm dying! There eating me!! Don't come out theres some kinda monster out here! Owahhhhhwwhh!!" I screamed. I tried making some fake ripping sounds, but not even I belieived them. I kept kick on the door with all my might, and I was about to open. Someone threw a rock. "Oww.. Not again!" I muttered. And with one final bicycle kick, it busted opened. And I burst out laughing as I wlaked in, 'cuz everyone was whimpering. Then I heard a gun c**k. It was at the back of my head. "Don't move." I heard Drew's annyoing voice tremble. "You have GOT to be screwing me! How many times!" I turned around. He pushed the gun into my head further. "Ok, your way. What did I do now." "You could be one of thse things." Then I caught it. I always had people skills. He was faking it. Then I lost it. I raised my leg, stomped on his foot, did a toe kick, then put him in a crippler crossface. "Stop this stupid c**p!" And I let go of him. "Now- The zombies outside are all dead. For now. Well the undead are gone. I think.. Yeah... Well, lets go!" "What?" Someone said, "There were things out ther-" "Oh yeah, who threw that rock? It hurt. So like I said, were going on the double decker bus. But never fear, the Julius is here!" I said, going into a hero stance. "Oh yeah, you don't have much a choice. Those things will be back, and besides, tis things falling apart." And right on time, a piece of the ceiling fell. "Cool. Well lets go." I was about to turn around when I actually noticed the peoples' faces. "Well, it would have helped if you told me something was behind me." I said blankly. And with that, some whacked me. I went flying. "Woahahoaha!!!" I shouted, actually enjoying it. Except for the bump that was forming on my head. I was doing a couple of flips when I hit a wall. "Woahah.." I was dizzy as I tried to stand. "Nice." Then I came back into focus. People were running from an-an- abomnation! Dududuuuuu!! It lifted someone up, and my heart stopped. "There...there.." I stammered. "THERE STEALING THE MONSTER FROM SILENT HILL!!! AHHH!!!! COPYRIGHT!" The thing looked at me. Now I have something very... freaky to share. In the movie Silent Hill, a monster was coming to the church where the people were. One girl was still out there, and a monster giant came up. It lifted her up, and tore off her skin. Very, very disgusting. I thought that was about to happen 'cuz the monster looked like the thing from Silent Hill. Well like I said, the creature was looking at me, then looked at the girl it was holding, then did a double take. "Actually trying to think, now are you? here, your so stupid, you tried putting MnMs in alphabetical order. Your so stupid, when someone tells you its chilly out, you go get a bowl!" (Thank you, Your Mama Jokes!) I yelled at the monster. I think it could tell they were insults, and got a little mad,because the girl it was holding was laughing. It dropped her, and she ran away. I looked around, it was just me and it. It stopped in front of me about six feet away. Then it started saying something like "Ahnangianiafhwuigra!" And it did some kind of laugh. "Ah! So you want a joke-down, eh? Bring it on." I took a step forward, "Your so stupid, you got locked in a food store and starved." It gave a look of dismay and looked less powerful. "Angiaoigiqwpnayh" It said, making another laugh, but knew it was useless. "One last attack- your so stupid, it took you two hours to watch 60 minutes." It screamed and it fell back and hit the floor with a thud. I crossed myself. "It was so young... But it never had a chance." "Julius, we have to go!" Alex yelled. I hadn't notcied everyone was gone. Again. "Lets- c**p, its behind me again, isn't it." I had immedietly seen their faces. They made slow nods with gaping faces. I stuck one of my fingers out for one. They nodded again. Then I put three fingers up, and the monster took a step, two fingers, another step, one finger, and it was a step away, and then zero. "Ruun!!" It tried to grab me, but missed. Then I heard some laughing. "Nice jokes back there." My sword said as we were running into the deserted parking lot, strewen with corpses. "What?!" I kept running. The thing was stomping behind me. Then I had an idea. I half-turned, and ran backwards. We were about twenty feet from the double-decker bus. " Hey man, don't get mad! Get Glad! Don't be a sore loser, either." I think that mad it angry. " If I had a talking-enchanted sword for every brain you don't have, I'd have one sword! And look at that!" I said as I unsheathed my sword, "One sword!" It was begging to understand my insults, and it ran as hard as if could, make the concrete crack. I turned and jumped on the bus, but hit the bar. And then the bus started accerlating. Anthony was driving. "Sorry, hurry get on!" He yelled, looking in the rearview mirror. "No, keep going! I'll catch up!" And then he kept on going, but a little slower. I did a back roll up, and then ran some more to catch up. I yelled out, "Anthony, faster!" The bus went faster, and I was having a hard time catching up. I just barely made it, and then shouted again, "BURN SOME RUBBER!!!" The bus almost got pass me, and the monster almost got me, but I dived. It was a nice dive to. I grabbed onto the pole and pulled myself in the bus. I twirled my gun out, and did a stance where my arm was extened to my left, and I was looking sideways. I need to describe it so I look cool in your mind. The creature knew it was the end. But it had strong will. And with a squeeze of the trigger, the super-charged shot shot the zombie, and it started skidding across the cement. It started getting all cut up like pulp. Bloody, though... Well, we were in the town before the highway, closer to home. And maybe answers. I walked up to the front, while people stared at me. Its kinda embarasing. Anthony was driving the car. "Hotwired?" I asked, but already knew it. "Yeah... This is actually pretty versitile for a bus. Where are we heading, Commander." And that is what I became known as. The Commander, a brave, might and just man. But right now boy. Basiclly a was a great guy. "Commander? I'm not even a freakin' soldier! I don't even know whats happening. Its all going by in a blur. or all we know, I could be dreaming!" I said. "Yeah, so could I. But were going to have to survive anyhow if this is a dream." He had a point. There were deserted cars everywhere. "Its kinda weird how fast this happened. I mean, wouldn't you have heard screams, or at people would be running around. No way this could have happened so fast." I said. "Yeah.." "Hey, I got me a talking magic sword!" I said with a casual grin. "What?!" Anthony yelled out, looking at me. "Car." He quickly looked back and swered to the side of a Mustang. "Man, thats a pretty cool Mustang, too." I said. "Well, like I said, I have a magic sword. And it talks." "Its true." The sword said. "I heard some gasps. Then I said loudly; "I think some people are eavesdropping on us!" I shouted. "Really? I couldn't tell." Anthony shouted. Then the sword said, "Don't play stupid games. We need to talk." "Nah, you think? I have a talking sword, the worlds been zombified, and I'm still hungry! Well, c'mon. Anthony, did anyone go upstairs?" I asked. "Only our friends." "K." I replied, and started going up the ladder. The bags of guns were under a seat, so we were good to go. "Hey, Austin, grab the wheel." I ordered. He quickly ran over to the wheel, and I didn't even ask him anything. He was a car fanatic. I got to the top of the ladder and grabbed the curved part and flipped up onto the floor. Anhony followed. All my friend were there, scared. "Hey guys." Alex, Sara, Dequon, and Steven were there. "Woah! Whats up Steven!" I said, walking over and doing our handshake. Well then I said, "Okay we all need to talk. First thing - Magic sword, how can you talk?" I asked. "I am a holy soul infused within this blade. I was made like this so I could help you during Armageddon." The sword spoke. "Armegedon? That movie sucked..." "I know, but I'm talking about a diffrent Armadgedon. Actually, lets call it Advartis." "Why?" "It sounds mysterious." "Well, you got a point there." I agreed. "Well, why whould this Advartis happen?" Then the sword took a deep breath and then- "Wait, it looks like were going to have a flashback, lemme go get some doughtnuts." "Ooh, donuts? Get me a butterscotch!" The sword cried gleefully. "Sure. I like butterscotch too." I got the flavors my friends prefered to." The sword gobbeled down the donut. "I haven't had a treat like that for ages! Thank you. Now, time for the flashback..." BOOM! There was a man. "Ok guys, this man here is evil. He casted black magic, and made the world a bad place," The sword narrated. The man was pouring dust and things into a hat. "Why a hat?" I asked. "Because, he was all outta money, and couldn't buy any of those cool pots." The sword said. Then a cloud came out of the hat. And engulfed the man. Then we went back to normal. " The man was infused with the dark power, and became one of the first zombies. He was an evil demon, sent to the world to make it the Devil's. But luckily, the Azarmakin Elite slayed him. And the world went on. No one knew what had happened. Or what could've." Everyone was silent. Then I spoke up, "Thats a cool name, Azarmakin. And thats going to be our forces name." I heard some whats. "Quiet guys. I've been thinking it over. Even if this is a dream, its one freakin cool one. I wanna see the end of it. Or my life, if this is real. Well, you guys, would you like to join the Azarmakin?" I asked. They didn't know what to say. Then my Alex spoke up, who I knew would be first, following Anthony. "Lets go man.." Alex said. "Yeah, this is a rad dream..." Anthony added. Then I started to hear murmers of agreement. ''Okay you guys, lets check the schedule." I pretented to take out a little book, and turned pages, then st
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Posted 26 July 2006 - 02:52 PM

This is really a nice text, Bro! i write books for years. Will PM you.
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#3 AutumnEffect

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Posted 04 August 2006 - 10:07 AM

wow this story is deep dude. zombies freakin scare me tho its a phobia for me. u got talent cant wait to see more stuff.
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#4 valucard


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Posted 06 September 2006 - 09:17 AM

Well, how about...
The legacy of Commander Valucard(Thats his alias, codename, and well, actually becomes his name)
Part I - Recollection (Thats this tale)
And heres the book, in a handeir file:
If you guys find the time, could you read and give me some feedback? Thx. This is about 40 pages long, so if your bored, its a good thing to kill time.
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